M1125908-L-01With the right price and plenty of patience any home will sell. But if you invest a little money and elbow grease, you’ll get a higher price quicker. And who wouldn’t want to do that? If you’re thinking of selling, you really need to read my top 5 list.
1. Clean, Clean, Clean every nook and cranny until it gleams. You want your house to look ‘clean as new.’ You may even want to hire a cleaning service to clean for you. Your house will sell ten times faster, get more offers, and secure a higher price.
2. Air Fresheners. Use the same scent throughout the house. It should smell clean, not covered up, so avoid peach or strawberry fragrances. Use a scent that resembles a cleaner such as lemon, citrus, or ‘crisp linen.’ Place one in each bathroom and the main areas of the house.
3. Remove Clutter think ‘sparse’ or ‘sterile’ and you’ll be on the right track. Clutter sends the unconscious message that you don’t have enough storage. Remove excess furniture and knickknacks. Remove packed boxes from the living areas and neatly stack them in the garage or basement. Better yet, hire a moving company to store all your boxes until you’re ready to move.
4. Fresh Paint on the walls and baseboards. Use a warm and inviting color such as light brown or cream. Paint the front door with a fresh coat of high gloss paint. Paint the outside of the house, touch up any chipped paint and remove cobwebs.
5. Depersonalize the space. Take down all trophies, family photos and collections. You want to display a ‘blank slate’ on which buyers can write the story of their life.
These are my top 5 staging secrets. To hear more, contact me for a complementary consultation. Jan Parrish – 303-807-3289